Bloc started in 2005 as one of the most successful online social communities in Norway. We knew at a early stage how to make the web easy to use for normal people. 

We saw companies create publishing platforms which organizations and companies used as their webspace. The problem was that these websites are very static and most companies do not even have the faintest idea about how to log in to change simple things like their own phone-number. They have to call an IT consultant and pay them a lot of money to have them change it for them.

    We thought: There has got to be a better way.

With our experience, we decided to build a social webplatform that any company or organization could use and where every user could contribute to the webspace while still keeping it beautiful and easy to use through click-and-drag and click-and-type. We now help over 600 clients manage their organizations and companies online.



IdrettenOnline is our true proof-of-concept of the platform. Over 450 sportsclubs with over 350.000 members use IdrettenOnline to manage their clubs website, events, memberships and communication.


SalongenOnline is our newest project. With a complete booking system that connects to the POS-system we made it easy for salons to manage their webpresence.

Aktiv Bedrift

We white-labeled the platform to the Norwegian Federation of Company Sports. They use our platform to help employees in Norwegian companies become more active.

Sykle Til Jobben

In cooperation with the Norwegian Federation of Company Sports, we get about 35000 people to bike to work every spring by enabling them to track their sessions on our platform and compete with other teams.

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