We started developing the Bloc platform in a shared apartment in downtown Oslo in 2005, and what started as a hobby quickly became one of the most successful online social media communities in Norway. At an early stage, we saw the potential of how the web could be used to bring people together while also being simple, self-explanatory and interactive. This was, and remains, our mindset and mission.

We soon started seeing organizations and companies depending on non-user-friendly publishing platforms for their webspace. Not only were these platforms hard to use, they were also static, and the lack of web development knowledge within companies made this a challenge for many, as they depended on external consultants to make even the smallest update on their sites.

We thought: Let’s fix this!

With this in mind, we started further developing the platform so that it would enable any company, organization or individual to create, manage and update their websites, while at the same time making it easy and user-friendly for everyone to contribute. Our solution was a click-and-drag, click-and-type user interface which is now being used daily by over 3500 organizations and companies.

From 2005 until today we have not stopped developing the platform, and we have no plans to stop anytime soon.



IdrettenOnline is our true proof-of-concept of the platform. Over 1000 sportsclubs and 2500 company sports clubs with over 450.000 members use IdrettenOnline to manage their clubs website, events, memberships and communication.

Sykle Til Jobben

In cooperation with the Norwegian Federation of Company Sports, we get about 35000 people to bike to work every spring by enabling them to track their sessions on our platform and compete with other teams.

Aktiv Bedrift

We white-labeled the platform to the Norwegian Federation of Company Sports. They use our platform to help employees in Norwegian companies become more active.


SalongenOnline is our newest project. With a complete booking system that connects to the POS-system we made it easy for salons to manage their webpresence.

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